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Meet some of our employees - Nick

Nick Name: Nick
Job: Assistant Sports and Activities Manager at Elveden Forest
Years with Center Parcs: 7
Why did you join Center Parcs?
My mum worked on the housekeeping team at Elveden, and she brought us in on a day pass, so I got the inside view. I thought it looked like a really good place to work, so I applied.
What was your first role?
Sports assistant, in the same department I'm in now. I served guests and booked activities for them.
And what do you do now?
I worked my way up to supervisor, and I'm now an assistant manager. There are good opportunities here, you just have to work really hard. Center Parcs is good at developing staff - there are different types of courses, and it gives you the freedom to progress.
Why have you stayed so long?
I like the job, and the people I work with - it makes me get up in the morning. I especially like the new challenges I get set.
What inspires you when you're not 'in the forest'?
I socialise with my friends and my girlfriend. I'm a big golfer, and I play football and go to the gym too.